Brief encounter(s)

A dawn visit to Hesketh yesterday looking through the duck, was interrupted when an wader flushed from one of the pools by the bank – it stayed fairly low, did a couple of circles quite close to me and then headed off towards the east part of the reserve where it appeared to drop in. […]

Goosing is the Anser

Really enjoyed the close up views of a flock of about 2,000 Pinks in Banks recently. Few things are more relaxing and absorbing than watching and listening to a settled goose flock feed. Highlight has undoubtedly been the Greenland Whitefront that’s been with them every time I’ve scanned the flock. There seems to have been […]

Easy Asio

An early start at Hesketh hoping for a repeat of the Wigeonfest from yesterday. The number of duck on the reserve at the minute is incredible, but the high tides have put a lot of water into the pools so they’re spread out and take a long time to work through. Highlight of the day […]

Indoor Post

Looks like I won’t get out birding or ringing for a few more days. To put it mildly, the weather is crap by way of the usual wet and wind. But hopefully 2018/19 may turn out to be a “Brambling Winter”, an irruption year for this close relative of …