We’re all going on a flower hunt

An aborted trip to Bowland for a father’s day walk due to the double rain weather forecast left us wondering what to do. Inspired by yesterday’s orchids and somewhat sunnier weather towards Southport, 3 generations of us headed to Ainsdale for a trail through the dunes. Some help yesterday from Phil Smith via Ron was […]

50 shades of purple

An early start on the golf course produced lots of signs of breeding success, but not many surprises. The 2 birds of note were a Grey Wag and the return of the Nuthatch. Surprisingly, it few into the trees by the wooden bridge from the marsh, across the 7th fairway and then sang and called […]

Pontoon Peace.

There’s no doubt about it, there appeared to be a reign of peace yesterday on the pontoon at Conder Pool, but you don’t have to be an ornithological genius to see that things won’t last.Common Tern Conder Pool 14 June. Ian Pinkerton.The first Common Te…


Apologies to regular readers or those searching for the very latest in bird news. There’s been a lack of posts here due to my enforced sabbatical from blogging. At least it gave me time to catch up with a few chores. Everyone is reporting the sam…

Comment on Four hen harrier nests in Bowland.

I hope that the RSPB will ensure that tags are fitted if at all possible to the chicks. This will provide both excellent scientific data as well as confirm the continued health (or not) of the 2019 cohort. I wish to applaud all those monitoring the nests.I’m sure that we will hear of the RSPB results. I assume that the brood meddled Hen Harrier data will not be used for the same purpose.

Bowland Updated.

Weather-wise not quite the day I had hoped for on Monday, an hour into the visit I had to escape back to the car almost a mile away from a downpour. But it was actually all worth while when the weather dried up, not least because I eventually found 3&n…

And The Winner Is….

7 June. Ian Pinkerton. (Clik The Pik)This image shows the cramped style the birds are enduring on the pontoon at Conder Green, with two pairs of Common Tern and a Black-headed Gull all sitting on eggs. Already the week old Oystercatcher chicks have bee…