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The emperor’s new clothes

Dusted the bike of this morning and took my first ride down the bridle path to my new temporary patch – Longton Marsh. The short cycle was quite enjoyable as Chiffchaffs serenaded me, a Grey Partridge was trotting down the track and a Nuthatch flicked across in front of me and then gave nice views […]


As many of us try and adapt to spring birding through glass or with limited travel, I thought I’d carry on the blog with a few garden sightings posts. Weekends might have a few updates from nearby Longton Marsh. It’s been interesting watching people get excited about common stuff new to their house lists, so […]

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Going the distance

With a bit more time on my hands than normal, I thought I’d restart the blog – it might be a one off, or maybe the start of a new chapter – who knows. Today’s social distancing was immensely enjoyable with just the birds, the wind and the odd fellow marsh wanderer for company. A […]

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5 spot

A few hours at Hesketh, Banks and Marshside this morning. I thought the tides, rain and winds might have dropped some waders, but it was hard going with very few smaller waders on offer. 5 Spotted Red the highlights at Hesketh, including a cracking juvenile. 8+ Greenshank, 3 Avocet, 500+ Golden Plover and a handful […]

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Greta Thunberg

The weather at dawn was much better than later on in the morning when it turned grey, wet and windy. The sun even threatened to take hold for a while before the stormy clouds rolled in on the brisk south westerly. A mass of hirundines twisting and turning over Hesketh East with Swallows, House and […]

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A Message to You Ruddy

One of those murky, misty mornings at Hesketh where the birds are forced in off the estuary and the place is full of birds. It’s always better when the weather is poor, and this morning it was brilliant. Excuse the pics – a real struggle! Terrible light and visibility first thing, but in position and […]

If it ain’t Ruff

Back from my week in London looking at gulls, it was a nice change to be back at Hesketh with a mix of waders. The water is still too high – Looks like Martin Mere is the only place in the area with good mud edges, well done Andy on the LBD, it looks like a cracker! […]

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Annual August trip to see my family in London, meant a few gulling trips to Erith to try and see one of the Casps that had been performing well earlier in the month. Also a great excuse to get close and study Yellow-legged Gulls – a variety of ages, shapes and plumages seen of this […]

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Sweet 16

A blustery and wet morning session at Hesketh, was challenging and rewarding at the same time. The waders were constantly moving in the wind and with birds coming and going, it was very difficult to get any decent images. However, I managed to get up to 16 species which is not bad going. A few […]

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Brick red

Another 5 hours on Ainsdale beach looking at waders, gulls and terns. More birds today with at least 10,000 waders – mostly Dunlin and Sanderling, but the earlier start meant a lot more Knot and Barwits. Lots of them still in their brick red breeding finery – why do so many waders have that as […]

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