Author: Pete Woodruff

Dream On!

I watched this small group of Turnstone at Cockersand, as one of the most appropriately named birds, scurrying across the shingle turning stones in search for food as they went. View Full ScreenNot recorded in this short video, I ob…

Golden Moments.

Another short – but I was raking about for 5 hours – and sweet job!I was tempted to say Tuesdays birding was a little quiet, but then if I was to report seeing in excess of 1,000 Golden Plover at Cockersand, that would make the comment a bit of a nonse…

Swans Return.

On Wednesday I counted 245 Whooper Swan, back in a field opposite the entrance to Clarkson’s Farm….A wonderful sight, and good for the soul. On a brief visit to Cockersand, on what was left of Plover Scar under a 10m+tide, just 6 Turnstone seen….