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Muddy Waters

Inspired by the American waders that are travelling with the Dunlin flocks on the East coast, I tried my luck on the estuary this afternoon at high tide. Not a big one so a serious amount of trudging in the gloopy mud, at one point my wellies weighed more than I did. Eventually, after walking […]

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The Circus is in town

A couple of hours at Hesketh first thing was a little damp. Quite quiet on the bird front too, but a few highlights. The leucistic Starling I found the other week was amongst the hordes and gave some quite close views, but I couldn’t get the camera on it – a very striking bird when […]

Young folk

Feeling decidedly ropey after a great night out in the village at Longton Live, I only managed to get out at around 10ish. So for some peace and quiet I spent half an hour with a small Dunlin flock, studying the couple of juvenile birds that were feeding in the mud. Lovely fresh feathers and […]

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Up the junction

A few hours on the estuary this morning before Sadie’s birthday was really enjoyable. Hesketh was fairly quiet, but it was great to see the 1st fledged Arctic Tern of the year flying around the pools and then perched up on the fence – smashing looking bird. A few Yellow Wags flitting about, just a single […]

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Tring the alarm

A brief, murky and early look at Marshside and Hesketh today – this sun now would have been nice, camera was working overtime to get any joy in the semi-light of this morning. Dreaming of Pratincoles and Lesser Legs, but satisfied with a nice range of waders and some peaceful birding. 3 Common Sands were […]

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The new August

June’s supposed to be a quiet month for birding – I should be looking at Orchids, butterflies and Odanta, but nobody told the returning waders they had to wait. A couple of early mornings to Hesketh and the surrounding area has offered lots of nice waders and a few other gems too. The weathers also been […]

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Surprisingly good

Wasn’t expecting much as I pulled into Hesketh this morning at 6am, but hadn’t visited for a couple of weeks and I get withdrawal symptoms. As I put the scope together 6 runners came down the bank chatting away – a friendly good morning and a joke about hoping they’d not scared everything off – […]

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We’re all going on a flower hunt

An aborted trip to Bowland for a father’s day walk due to the double rain weather forecast left us wondering what to do. Inspired by yesterday’s orchids and somewhat sunnier weather towards Southport, 3 generations of us headed to Ainsdale for a trail through the dunes. Some help yesterday from Phil Smith via Ron was […]

50 shades of purple

An early start on the golf course produced lots of signs of breeding success, but not many surprises. The 2 birds of note were a Grey Wag and the return of the Nuthatch. Surprisingly, it few into the trees by the wooden bridge from the marsh, across the 7th fairway and then sang and called […]

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Birding in the Sunshine

A blog post from my recent family Florida holiday, which is more a list of species seen with plenty of photo’s thrown in – no multi-post “gone with the wind” esque novel, just wanted to share some of the great birds from the Sunshine State. Not a massive amount of serious birding as it was […]