Iceland and Glaucous Gulls winter 2014/15

During the winter of 2014/15 Iceland Gulls were logged at Marton/Marton Mere (returning adult 23rd December 2014 - 15th March 2015), Fleetwood (juvenile 2nd-3rd February 2015) and Wyre Estuary at Wardley's Ferry (adult 8th March 2015). Juvenile Glaucous Gulls were reported in Fleetwood (12th-17th December 2014 and 28th December 2014-10th February 2015) and Knott End (26th-27th December 2014 and 28th January 2015).

Photo of juvenile Glaucous Gull Knott End by Chris Batty and adult Iceland Gull at Marton Mere by Paul Ellis.