In The Picture.

You may have seen in the comments section of my last post - 'Third Time Lucky' - on Birds2blog, take a look at it Here

In fact I did indeed take this shot of an Iceland Gull through the fence at Heysham Power Station. Rather remiss of me I must say, though at the time I was unconscious to the security breach I was committing.

I think as a responsible birder, it's a duty that I come clean on this mistake and use it as an opportunity to draw attention to the fact that it's pretty irresponsible to point a camera to take photographs at a highly secured Nuclear Power Station, as a warning to other birder/photographers, some of which are no more than self centred pricks, intent on getting a better pik than anyone else, which they always fail to do anyhow.

There's some sound advice and a warning about the consequences of photography at this location Here  

Whatever you do....Enjoy your birding.