Poached Egg On Toast Please!

The only thing promising about the weather yesterday, was that by mid-day it was going to be dull, damp, and murky, and by then it was just that. The plan was a look over Conder Green, then another trip to Heysham, but my enthusiasm waned rapidly as I sat around to see if this damp murky stuff was going to pass by, so off I went home for brunch and poached myself a couple of tasty eggs on toast....Isn't life great!

Five Common Tern on Conder Pool included the island chick, 10 Little Grebe seen again, with up to 200 Lapwing, 5 Curlew, and 2 Stock Dove6 Common Sandpiper were seen as two in the creeks, and four down the channel, also 2 Swift were my first autumn migrants purposefully south over the pool. 

The Conder Common Terns.

In the 4 hours IP spent at Conder Pool on Thursday, he had no sighting of the now 12 day old island chick, it had 'disappeared' and if your name had been Pete Woodruff you would have said it had fallen victim to predation. But hey....thankfully this time, wrong again, I found the bird on the near island looking south from the viewing screen, having swam there for whatever reason, it was being attended by both parent birds, but spending most of the time out of view at the back side of the island.

Thanks again to IP for the new header pik - yes it's another CT shot - this one being 'Pik of the Year' for me, even if it is only August. Yet another excellent image of - at the risk of repeating myself - the only breeding Common Terns in North Lancashire for many a year....More great stuff for the LDBWS records and the excellent Conder Pool.

Garden Visitors.

Holly Blue 2 August. Pete Woodruff.

A 'damaged' Holly Blue was on our Elecampane yesterday, you could spend the day and not get a pik with open wings at rest. Recently a juvenile and better still yesterday, a smart male Siskin visited the garden feeders.