We’re all going on a flower hunt

An aborted trip to Bowland for a father’s day walk due to the double rain weather forecast left us wondering what to do. Inspired by yesterday’s orchids and somewhat sunnier weather towards Southport, 3 generations of us headed to Ainsdale for a trail through the dunes.

Some help yesterday from Phil Smith via Ron was really useful and put into practice today – I think I’ve mastered Early Marsh, but still get confused with Northern and Southern. I pegged this one as Northern in the field, but I’m not sure now?


Not sure of these 3, which are clearly all of the same species?


Easier were these fantastic Pyramidals – one of my favourites.


Quite a few Bee Orchid spikes – much easier once you have your eye in.


I think these are probably Common Spotted/Marsh hybrid – very large with spotted leaves.


4 spikes of what I presume is Dune Helleborine were emerging together.


Also saw one spike of Round-leaved Wintergreen, plenty of Hounds Tongue and a plethera of hazy plant name memories. I used to know all of these when I was younger – my brother works at Kew and we could have done with his knowledge today!

Butterflies were fairly quiet with just 2 Painted Lady, 3 Common Blue and a Small Tort.

Birds also pretty thin on the ground, but the highlights were a few distant Gannets, 7 Scoter, 2 GC Grebe and a pair of Stonechats.

A thoroughly enjoyable walk and the little ‘un was interested and didn’t moan once – happy days…….