Tring the alarm

A brief, murky and early look at Marshside and Hesketh today – this sun now would have been nice, camera was working overtime to get any joy in the semi-light of this morning. Dreaming of Pratincoles and Lesser Legs, but satisfied with a nice range of waders and some peaceful birding.

3 Common Sands were circuiting Rainfords, and a non-breeding plumage Knot was amongst the Black-tailed Godwit group. A couple of broods of Tufties too and a fly through Sparrowhawk.


Nels looks really rare – if only this water would hold for a few more weeks, it could produce something really good. Still reasonable today with the ever present Glossy, yesterday’s Green Sand and a lovely breeding plumage Knot to go with the earlier grey.


A range of juvenile Redshank sizes, with ever present parents mobbing anything that moved – pretty sure Green Sand don’t eat Redshank chicks! 4 Snipe also made a brief sortie out from cover to probe the mud.


Hesketh had the resident 2 Spotted Red’s on Shelter – they even managed to fly around about and give a few calls which was nice. 4 Eider also on Shelter, Yellow Wags and several Arctics, including the bird on the cockles still sitting tight.


Painting, carpet shopping and gardening the rest of the day, but it feels like its been a good one. Topped off with a couple of beers in the garden listening out to House Martin’s berating the resident Sparrowhawks. Speaking of bird’s of prey – a Buzzard perched up on a average speed camera on the A59 earlier – at least someone enjoys them……