Young folk

Feeling decidedly ropey after a great night out in the village at Longton Live, I only managed to get out at around 10ish. So for some peace and quiet I spent half an hour with a small Dunlin flock, studying the couple of juvenile birds that were feeding in the mud. Lovely fresh feathers and a gingery cast to their heads – the younger of the 2 even had that strange head and bill shape that make them look a little odd.


The Junction Screen looked my like the Queen Anne’s Revenge with multiple cannon poking through the slots so I had a brief look – less Godwit than yesterday, just a single Knot and a few Dunlin. A wander down to Polly’s and the Glossy drifted over me, high from the East – that’s interesting as the bird was photo’d at Longton Brickcroft yesterday¬† (cheers Andy for the message) so maybe it changed its roost? Must have flown close to my house on its way to and from!


Polly’s held 50 or so Dunlin, and 2 lovely Brimstone brightened up the walk along the road.


The Glossy was now on Junction – another brief look, but put off by the gatling guns rattling away, I finished with a last look at Rainford’s. The Cattle Egret was at the back, with and LRP and 2 Common Sand – not a bad couple of hours, back home for a snooze…..