Out of the Woodwork

Another bash at Hesketh first thing – the rain had dampened the feeding frenzy in the hedgerow, but the Spotted Red was still feeding in its favourite spot on Shelter.


One of the fledged Arctic Terns was resting up on a raft, whilst a number of adults were screeching around the pools, generally attacking anything and everything that moved.


A Heron speared a huge Eel before taking a very long time to eventually swallow it in one.


A lovely flock of Goldies was feeding in the “Dotterel Field” at the west end, but still no Pacific lurking in there – some lovely plumaged birds in the group though.


It’s clearly been a good breeding year out on the gull colony judging by the number of juv LBB’s loafing about on the pools.


A couple of Yellow Wags over, 4 Ringo’s, 9 Dunlin, Sparrowhawk with prey and 11 Kestrel hunting over Banks the other highlights from the West side – no sign of yesterdays Wood/Green combo.

I ventured over to the East and a few more Dunlin were feeding on the mud edges. Then as I panned across the pools, I found 2 smashing juv Wood Sands – both new birds and my 5th and 6th on the Ribble in 2019 which is a great count. Looks like there’s been a mini influx in the north west with birds at Martin Mere and on the Fylde too. Such a graceful wader, it was a joy to watch these 2 feeding in tandem.


Marshside was surprisingly quiet, so on to the marine lake to see if the Yellow-legged Gull I found there on Thursday was still around. No sign, but the Cattle Egret was snoozing on north island, 2 Common Sands were fluttering around and a few juv Herrings were on the slipway.


Here’s a few images of the YLG – it gave cracking views, sometimes to close for my phone scope combo to fit the full bird in the frame without the black curves still showing!


About 1,000 visits finally paying off……………….