Brick red

Another 5 hours on Ainsdale beach looking at waders, gulls and terns. More birds today with at least 10,000 waders – mostly Dunlin and Sanderling, but the earlier start meant a lot more Knot and Barwits. Lots of them still in their brick red breeding finery – why do so many waders have that as their breeding colour – must be a reason?


A nice juv Common Tern was feeding on the tide line – I like to think that it was one of the Preston dock birds making its first foray on to the open water.


Another colour ringed Sanderling – this time a Dutch rung bird.


The sea pushed the waders in and they were concentrated into one large group.


I picked out an adult Curlew Sand – a different bird to yesterday as this one was more uniformly red, but I couldn’t get a picture. The birds were soon pushed up to the dunes and I had wonderful views as they jostled to feed.


Finally the Curlew Sand came into photo range and I managed a few shots – where’s Wally!


Still not the rump that I was looking for………………