A Chaffinch in Sweden and a Sedge Warbler in France

 Although we have ringed 9620 Chaffinch up to the end of 2018 we have just  had our first recovery in southern Sweden. It was caught by a ringer on 4th April this year and was originally ringed  at a garden feeder on 26th November 2016. It had travelled 1129 kms ENE. Our only other foreign recoveries of Chaffinch have been singles in Norway and The Netherlands.
By contrast we have ringed 14,117 Sedge Warblers and the latest recovery in SW France in August is our 55th Sedge Warbler from France, of these 39 have been in August, almost all caught by ringers. We have had three from Spain,one from Portugal, seven in Belgium and one in Luxembourg all on migration usually in late summer/autumn. Our only recovery in winter is one from Senegal West Africa in December.