A Wild Goose Chase….

....turns into a dead duck!

I'm often heard to say things like 'every birding day is good birding day' and rarely have cause to put my birding down, but Thursday was an exception to the rule.

Five White-fronted Geese were reported on Aldcliffe Marsh on 16 February, since then they have been seen on Heaton Marsh and were reported to be conveniently there on Wednesday at the corner of the Snatchems and Overton Roads. So Thursday, full of hope, I set off to the location....Nil, but heyup, there's around 300 Pink-footed Geese on the opposite side of the river on Aldcliffe Marsh which I scoped to no avail and found no WFG with them.

Off I went to Knowleys Road at Heysham to see if the Brent Geese were there, they had made a return to Heysham on 20 February. A week later they were seen again, seen as two adult and four juvenile, in which case the Canadians had returned as a family group....great stuff. 

But today was turning out to be a bad one for me, no WFG at Heaton Marsh, and no BG at Heysham despite eight being reported there earlier in the morning, but if they were keeping to a pattern they built up previously they would perhaps now be at Red Nab, so off I went.

No sign of the Brent Geese at Red Nab, nor did I find the earlier reported Little Gull and Kittewake over the outfall, despite legging it to the south wall at the harbour, followed by a visit to Ocean Edge salt marsh, where there was no sign of the recent Stonechat.

Ne'r mind, in the end it was exhilarating seeing the tide roll in at Half Moon Bay before I threw the towel in on a bad day at the office.