The Stork & The Falcon.

The third April record I found in the archives, comes from the early days of my birding, and the very first of my scarce/rare finds. Come Friday, seen 25 years ago on 24 April 1995. With a bit of a story attached, this is the record of The Black Stork 

Especially in these dark days of Covid-19, I'm trying to keep B2B light, always my aim, and in the main about my passion for birds, but I failed this time.

Peregrine Falcon. Martin Jump.

Natural England have issued licenses for falconers to take Peregrine Falcon chicks in the wild from the nest, so people can gawp at falconry displays.

There's a lot to be said about this shameful act by Natural England, but no doubt you have heard about it already, if you haven't, you can find everything on the Natural England website, where you can read guff like....'The conservation status of the Peregrine Falcon is Green, which means they are widespread, and numbers are not under any threat'....and....'Falconry is an ancient tradition, practiced in England for centuries, and is recognised as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity'....Are this bunch at Natural England for real.

Meanwhile, I'd suggest for starters, Tony Juniper and the gong he got for his contribution to conservation, hands it back to the Queen.

A pristine male Orange Tip in our garden this morning contributed to making the lockdown and my self isolation, a pleasure. 

We're all in this together....Take Care, Stay Home, Switch Off, Relax and watch this....

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