The Brockholes Osprey.

Not for the first time an Osprey visited Brockholes NR this spring, in fact it these days it is regular for them to do so during the migration period, but this bird had decided to linger and had the reserve staff and birders alike, hoping that the stay was a hopeful sign that the Osprey might find a mate and breed at the site, not having done so in the county of Lancashire since the mid 18th century.

Brockholes Osprey Copyright Darren Lean.

The Osprey developed a pattern in it's feeding habit, whereby it hunted daily from the bridge over the river at the interchange on the M6 motorway near the Brockholes NR. But the birds confiding nature appears to have been it's downfall, and eight days after it's arrival, on the morning of 23 April when it was seen to be healthy, but later in the day it was flushed by a man walking with a bike along the hard shoulder of the M6, when the bird was flushed and took to flight, and was struck by a lorry.

The bird was a male and bore a darvic ring identifying it to have been marked at Bassenthwaite, Cumbria in 2006, but relocated to Esthwaite in later years. The demise of this bird is nothing less than a terrible tragedy, apparently caused by someone breaking the law by being on foot on a motorway.

Brockholes Osprey. Brian Rafferty.

Brian Rafferty's surreal photograph clearly illustrates the dangerous behavior by this bird, this lorry driver has obviously seen and is looking at the bird as he sped along the M6 motorway. 

I continue to strive to make the best of my total lockdown and 'computer birding' keeps me ticking over. The garden provides me with some interest, and yesterday I took note of 3 Speckled Wood and a couple of Large White. With some lovely blooms to be enjoyed and photographed....Clik the piks

Cherry Blossom

And the resident Carrion Crow in the neighbourhood and visits to our garden, continues to confuse. The bird appears to be alone in this urban habitat, but was calling from the television aerial in it's hoarse and croaking 'krrah krrah krrah'.