Bits And Pieces

Here in Lancashire and since we returned back from Greece there’s been little but rain. I think the Greek gods have been telling us to return to Skiathos as soon as possible. We obeyed by booking our flights for 2021, hoping for a holiday in better circumstances for all concerned. And, we’ve booked for 3 weeks in May to coincide with spring migration when many species pass through Greece on their way to North and Eastern Europe. 

The Amaretto - Skiathos
Great Egret at Strofilias
Red-backed Shrike - everywhere

Baklava - Yum

While I was on holiday Andy completed a couple of ringing sessions up at Oaklenclough, despite his car being in troublesome mode; I warned him to stay away from French models. He and Bryan had a great morning on 17 September with a catch of 110 birds that included 85 Meadow Pipits. 

One of the pipits, an adult male, carried ring number ADB3348 from somewhere other than Oakenclough. It is quite unusual for us to catch a previously ringed Meadow Pipit because while Meadow Pipits are very common and widespread, they inhabit rather wild places where they are less likely to be caught or found dead. 

A few days later came the information that ADB3348 had been ringed more than 12 months before on The Calf of Man Bird Observatory on 10 April 2019. This date relates to a classic time of spring migration when the pipit was heading north, perhaps to Ireland, Scotland or even Iceland. Its return journey south in mid-September is peak autumnal migration of the species. This route south in September 2020 along the west Pennines and Oakenclough would suggest a bird of Scottish breeding origin. 

Calf of Man to Oakenclough
Meadow Pipit
Back home I’m still catching up with friends and family, and getting the garden shipshape for winter. Yesterday we had a Jay in the garden, the first for a number of years. It appeared to be searching the ground at the bottom of the garden where there are lots of windfall damsons and apples left for winter thrushes. 

I don’t think there was much wind here while we were away. There are loads of baking apples left on the tree and ready for taking and baking, even after all the neighbours have had their fill of apple crumble. 

Apple Pie Time

Give me a ring but bring your own bag.