The Old Ones (AreThe Best)

There’s little chance of birding or ringing until next week as an Atlantic storm heads this way towards us for the weekend. Friday looked a possibility but Sue and I have to go for our flu jabs at precisely 1012 on Friday morning. 

Instead and for this post I’m raiding the archives for pictures from Skiathos, Greece, this year and past years. Birds, landscapes, people. Enjoy and come back soon. Don’t forget to “click the pic” for best effect. 

The Bourtzi- Skiathos

Street Entertainer - The Bourtzi
The Bourtzi from the harbour

Near Xanemos

Spotted Flycatcher

Yellow Wagtail

Kechria, Skiathos
Notice Board - Skiathos Town
Eleonora's Falcon
Kastro - Eleonora's site

Great Egret at Strofilia
Little Egret at Strofilia

Skiathos Town


European Shag

Skiathos Town
Lonely Seat - Skiathos
Red-backed Shrike


Skiathos Town

Back soon. Don't go away.

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