Aston Rowant NNR – 2nd August 2011

I managed a second visit to this wonderful butterfly site in just over a week and what a difference. The temperature was around 25C  with very little wind and though it was cloudy the number of butterflies was treble the amount I saw on my previous visit.
Chalkhill Blue were flying in large numbers and were certainly the predominant species. Small Heath ans Small Copper numbers were up and I saw at least 10 Silver -Spotted Skippers which were not flying on my previous visit.

 Above the Silver-Spotted Skipper is common during its flying season at Aston Rowant and can be distinguished from other UK Skippers by the silver spots on its under wing.
 Above Essex Skipper below Large Skipper
The Large and Essex Skippers can be distinguished by the Essex Skippers black tip to the antenna.
  Above Small Copper below Small Heath
 Above Common Blue, below female Chalkhill Blue, bottom male Chalkhill Blue
 Top Small Tortoiseshell, above Speckled Wood below female Brown Argus