Slavonian Grebe at Fairhaven Lake – 8th October 2011

I saw my first Grebe at the age of about 12 on a lake (MountFarm I think) in Bletchley. It was a Great Crested or at least they were asthey went through their ritual dance and ever since then I found the species adelightful one to watch and find them even in winter plumage a beautiful bird.
After missing out on the Solitary Sandpiper at Nateby,Reeces rugby and a slight hang over on the Sunday and working from the officefor the rest of the week, I decided to head up to Fairhaven Lake to try andcapture some photographs in the poor light and rain of the Slavonian Grebe thathas been resident there for most of the week.
Upon arriving there was no sign of it which happened thelast time I twitched (or dipped!) a bird at Fairhaven. Thankfully the bird wasjust diving and soon appeared from around one of the boats moored at the sideof the lake about a meter away.  Iwatched with several other birders in the slight drizzle not needing a scope oreven binoculars as it bobbed along on the choppy water.