Couldn’t resist a 2nd bite at the cherry today – the saying goes that you can have too much of a good thing – I don’t think so. Another 6 hours in the Eagland Hill area today hammering the large Pink-foot flock that’s roaming the place in varying pack sizes. Started off well with a […]

Goose odyssey

Going back to my roots – a trip to the Fylde. After Stuart Piner’s superb goose haul the other day, I thought I’d give the Fylde flocks a bash. Eagland Hill via New/Bradshaw Lane was the first port of call. A few small groups of Pinks spread here and there and then 200 or so […]

Gulf Matters

Almost three weeks had flown with very little birding and even less ringing to brighten grey days. Our last ringing session at Gulf Lane had been 9th January with an embarrassingly low catch of Linnets. We’d pencilled in a day last Wednesday but when o…


Today was all about wildfowl – I must have walked 3/4 of the sea wall between Hesketh car park and Crossens today scanning the Geese and Wigeon flocks. The recent spring tides have refreshed Hesketh and the pools are now all full to the brim with both water and birds. At least 5,000 duck on […]

Spring break

These big spring tides at Marshside are great – highlighting the sheer number of birds out there on the marsh. Raptors are always the stars – Short-eared Owl, 2cy and 3cy male Hen Harriers, multiple Merlins, Marsh Harrier + the commoner species The 3cy male Hen is a stunning bird, its plumage almost male Marsh […]